The 3 Most Effective Strategies to go Through Menopause Naturally

(without the Use of Synthetic Hormones)



The Power Of Phytoestrogens

and how this little-known natural source of estrogen can reduce your symptoms, fast!


The Adrenal-Hormone Connection

that is often overlooked and plays a KEY ROLE in keeping your hormones balanced during the menopausal transition (so you can go through menopause as easily as possible!)


The Natural Menopause Support Checklist

to keep you on track in successfully getting through menopause ON YOUR TERMS, without the use of synthetic hormones.

It’s Time for a Serious REFRAME When it Comes to Menopause...

Whether you’ve been dabbling with natural remedies and getting mediocre results at best, or you’re completely confused about what your options are to begin with...this could be the exact moment that all changes!

Understanding what options you have is the starting point of transitioning through menopause with more confidence, ease and grace.

With knowledge comes power, my friend.

Join me to get valuable insight into how to go through menopause as naturally as possible, and leave with actionable strategies you can start today.

Natural Menopause. Knowledge is power

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

✔ You know menopause is approaching and you want to prepare yourself with the tools and strategies you’ll need to set yourself up for a gentle and easy transition (before you get there!)

✔ You’re in menopause right now and are looking for a NATURAL approach to support your body more effectively, while avoiding synthetic hormones as much as possible

✔ You’re tired of having your life be impacted by frustrating symptoms that affect your relationships, your job and quality of life...You know there has to be some way you can support your body through this and are looking for answers (and relief!).


Choose Which Date Works Best for You

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A Personal Invitation From Bree...

As a clinical herbalist, I’ve been helping women balance their hormones naturally since I opened my herbal medicine practice, back in 2016.

I’ve discovered the strategies that make a BIG difference in how women experience menopause, and whether or not they get relief from their symptoms.

This brand new, fresh masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned about how to transition through the important and powerful life stage of menopause, all from a holistic perspective.

If you’re committed to discovering natural menopausal strategies, and are ready to put them into action, then I can’t wait to show you how!

See you there!

Bree xo

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